This page contains known errors in the first edition of “Real-Time Volume Graphics”. Errata are separated into important errors (of interest to all readers) and minor errors (likely of interest only to the authors and the publisher).

Important Errors:

p.55: In Listing (3.4), the function calls to glAlphaFunc should be replaced by calls to glBlendFunc. [reported by Charles Rojo and Klaus Mueller, Apr 07]

p.116: In Equation (5.20), the vectors r and v must be replaced by n and l. [reported by Chris Johnson, Dec 06]

p.119: In Listing (5.1), the variable name for the specular exponent shininess must be replaced by n. [reported by Kristi Potter, Feb 07]

p.121: In Listing (5.2), in the final return statement replace variabe lightColor by lightIntensity. [reported by Patrick O'Leary, Feb 07]

p.125: In Listing (5.4), the lines starting with “result.rgb +=” and “half4 result =” should be swapped. [Rezk-Salama, Oct 06]

p.194: In Figure (8.3), NPOT and POT must be swapped (the upload bandwidth for NPOT is actually better than for POT). [Rezk-Salama, Oct 06]

p.339: In Equation (13.12), matrix A must be replaced by H. [Rezk-Salama, Oct 06]

Minor Errors:

The dot product notation is not consistent. The notation with angular brackets should be replaced on pages 116 (Eq.5.27) and 132 (Eq. 5.42, 5.43, 5.44, 5.45).

p.xvi: “Charles Hanson” must be replaced by “Charles Hansen” (Sorry for this one, Chuck!)

p.xvi: “Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft” must be replaced by “Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft”.